Healthcare Challenges Behind Bars

Healthcare Challenges Behind Bars

Getting adequate health care is a basic human right even for our friends and loved ones who are behind bars. As partners of healthcare industries in providing Healthcare Quality Management in Atlanta, Georgia, we believe that addressing the need of healthcare issues for those who are incarcerated is beneficial to our being human, especially that as healthcare practitioners, we need to be agents of life-giving means. To this goal, we gathered this information to better equip us in being healthcare providers in the communities we’re part of.

  • Lack of Adequate Health Care Support
    According to Glenn Ellis of the Philadelphia Tribune, healthcare needs is a major concern in American prison cells. While those who got released have no adequate health insurance, those who are still inmates face various issues of at least one chronic illness.
  • Lack of Adequate Health Care Inside the Prisons
    In a survey conducted by the National Institutes of Health, they have found that many inmates acquire chronic illnesses and were not able to receive adequate care for these while they were still behind bars. The survey also shows that inmates with mental health issues have committed crimes because they were off their treatments at that time, thus, leading to their arrests. This depicts the idea that crimes would have been prevented if they were able to have regular access to their mental health medications.
  • Viral Infections are Prevalent
    In another study, it has also found that health issues faced by inmates range from viral infections and chronic illnesses to substance abuse. This same study posits that health conditions of the inmates have been overrepresented, thus, keeping their health status in imbalance. These researchers thus recommend for proper linking of the inmates to trusted community services upon their release and offer adequate health care while still inside.
  • Prisons also Need Additional Medical Personnel
    The leading advocate for providing quality health care among those in the criminal justice population, Warren J. Ferguson, calls for additional medical personnel who can work in prisons and jails. Healthcare organizations in Georgia can do a lot in helping these inmates restore their sense of humanity. He said that being in jail can be dehumanizing and may affect the inmates’ intent in getting sufficient health care. Ferguson encourages healthcare practitioners in the correctional system to be there as a healthcare provider, and not as a political persona.

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