Dominion Professional Associates, a Healthcare Quality Management in Atlanta, Georgia, offers a variety of consulting services centered on assisting home health care agencies, acute hospitals, behavioral health agencies, group homes, and other small to medium health systems with their finances and operations.

consulting servicesDominion Professional Associates (DPA) have assisted multiple companies along the journey to become a mental health provider in the State of Georgia in regards to setting up their business processes and management style, obtaining staff requirements, reviewing and assisting with policies and procedures as well as preparing for the provider’s first audit. We have also assisted providers through the entire CARF accreditation process which included developing appropriate operating manuals, forms and documentation as well as on-site interview preparation.

Dominion Professional Associates (DPA) will be able to assist your company in setting up your operations so that you can focus on providing quality care to the individuals and families in your area. We utilize a training module approach to customize the needs of each provider. Some providers need assistance applying to become a provider in Georgia and some only need assistance with billing or marketing. Therefore, we designed modules that can be purchased on an individual basis or all of them can be purchased for a full package. The modules consist of the following specific services:

  • New Provider Assistance/Training

    DPA’s range of professional and managerial services start with training provided to new providers who focus on IFI and Core services. DPA’s consultants stay current with all the best practices regarding planning, management, delivering and measurement of the outcomes of care related programs. For the new provider training, DPA focuses on the following knowledge areas:

    • IFI and CORE Service Delivery – We provide in depth sessions that ranges from referral and assessments to service delivery and discharge.
    • Marketing – The marketing process consists of identifying your marketing opportunities, researching and selecting your target markets, designing marketing strategies, planning marketing programs and organizing, implementing and controlling marketing effort.
    • Billing Practices – Consulting services are tailored and refined to each organizations needs. Our consulting services will assist your organization to develop the overall billing approach and policies that your organization will need in order to be in compliance with State and Federal regulations.
    • New Provider Application – DPA will assist or complete your application that will be submitted to DBHDD for services.

portrait of multi-cultural office staff standing in lobbyEach module contains the necessary information to ensure that your business is operating at optimal levels. We share our experiences, processes and learning of what “not to do” and what “has worked well” for us a Core/IFI provider. This information is “priceless” to providers who want to understand the requirements that are expected of them before they become approved with the State of Georgia. These providers want to start their operations in the right direction before they start billing any services.

Our consulting services include:

We have a team of consulting experts who will their expertise to the fullest of their capabilities to refine processes in your agency’s operations.

If you wish to get more answers to your questions regarding any of the services listed, please talk to us at 1-866-658-1521.

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