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As a healthcare organization, the performance of your staff and the procedures employed in your operations greatly affect the delivery of services to your patients. There are many aspects that you have to look into to ensure smooth operations within your agency. We understand that the challenges you face in these different aspects can be a lot to handle.

Dominion Professional Associates, a Healthcare Quality Management in Atlanta, Georgia, will handle these challenges for you. Our team is composed of experienced experts who have worked in the healthcare industry for several years. They observe how your company is faring, identify opportunities for improvement, learn new strategies to make clients improve overall wellness and implement these techniques as quickly and as easily as possible. We look forward to being by your side and guiding you in achieving a long-term organizational success!

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Services We Offer

We closely work with our clients to help improve their operations, thereby assisting them in rendering quality health care to their patients. We provide the following consulting services:

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Our Company GoalsOur Mission Statement

It is the mission of Dominion Professional Associates to aid healthcare agencies in better serving the care needs of their clients through consulting services that focus on helping them improve their performance, monitor the quality of their services, refine their operational processes, and manage their finances. [ About Us ]

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