Dominion Professional Associates offers HR Consulting services that are affordable and are of high-quality. For your human resource needs, we have a suite of services that practically cover all HR Functions such as manpower sourcing, recruitment, leadership development, employee retention, and others.

We start by performing a Functional Assessment of your current state. This helps us determine your present needs while also pinpointing potential issues you are likely to encounter in the future. By doing so, we can help you plan ahead before the problems actually take form and affect your operations.

The Functional Assessment will include an analysis of your priorities, identifying the problems, proposing solutions, and a realistic timeline of how the solutions will be implemented. In short, we will provide you with an HR roadmap so you can envision your company’s growth.

With our HR Consulting services, you can finally focus on your core business activities while our experts handle the HR issues which can take up your time. These services include:

  • Staffing – We will review your personnel files and ensure that your current team members are on par with your company’s departmental requirements. We will also assist in meeting your future staffing needs as your company grows.
  • Training – Our consultants will visit your office to meet your staff. There, we will conduct comprehensive HR Training sessions to ensure standards compliance. Training sessions may be conducted for various areas such as new hire training, annual training, job analysis, and others.
  • Planning – This service touches several areas in HR which include Quality Management, Staff Development, and Compliance. We have consultants who can facilitate an in-depth review of:
    • HR Administration
    • Interview Guides
    • Hiring / Staff Sourcing
    • Recruitment and On-boarding
    • Orientation Programs
    • Employee Retention
    • Employment Practices
    • Health and Safety in the Work Environment
    • Performance Management
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Staff Compliance
    • Staff Education and Development
    • Leadership Training and Succession Planning
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