Why More People Should Talk About Mental Health

Why More People Should Talk About Mental Health

The great thing about this day and age is that more people are talking about mental health and encouraging those who have it to get the help they need. No doubt these are steps in the right direction. But can we say now that we have normalized mental health to the point that we can talk about it like we do about school work, our love lives, or even what we had for breakfast? Sadly, that isn’t yet the case.

Dominion Professional Associates is a provider of Healthcare Quality Management in Atlanta, Georgia that advocates for increased awareness on mental and behavioral health, as well as better services for those suffering from these challenges. We do our part in accomplishing this goal by shaping healthcare organizations into premier providers of mental and behavioral care solutions.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of reasons as to why more and more people should be talking about mental health.

  • It’s happening all around us
    You might not be aware that someone you know is going through depression or some other mental health disorder because they can’t talk about it. They can’t talk about it because they’ve grown up in a world that doesn’t allow them to show weakness. There are so many people around us that keep mum about their situation because they are afraid to be judged or labeled as an outcast. Let’s start eliminating the stigma in our communities today.
  • You could have it and might not know it
    Normalizing mental health conversations could open your eyes to the experiences of other individuals facing mental health challenges. This could, in turn, cause you to reflect upon yourself and the ways your experiences mirror their own. Without even realizing it because you’re too focused on your work or career, you could already be going through a mental illness.
  • Addressing issues early
    Mental and behavioral issues also progress until they become difficult or even impossible to manage. Talking about mental health as if it were a regular dinner table conversation can help people face the challenge head-on while it’s still in its early stages. Being able to manage these issues before they take root can contribute greatly to helping an individual cope with the illness and live a better quality of life in the process.
  • Improvement of care facilities
    When people are so open to talking about mental health and the challenges that come with it, more business owners will realize how serious the issue is. Aside from more mental and behavioral care provider organizations being established, the existing ones will take steps to further improve the services they provide, giving the mentally and behaviorally-challenged members of our community the care they deserve.

Dominion Professional Associates is determined to work with healthcare organizations in Georgia to further improve their mental health solutions.

Why should mental health be a regular topic of conversation? Please feel free to share your thoughts and insights below.

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