How to Support Nurses Working in Prisons


Prisons have the reputation of being one of the most dangerous places anyone can be. Individuals who have committed certain crimes ranging from petty to serious ones are there. But, these individuals are also humans. They get sick. They get injured. They need quality patient care.

Many healthcare organizations in Georgia provide healthcare services for patients inside prisons. After all, they are still patients. Nurses assigned to work in prisons have to prioritize the patient before the prisoner.

Nursing Roles and Duties

Nurses who work in prisons and correctional facilities fulfill a number of roles. The common ground among these roles is the provision of quality patient care to the individuals, no matter what they may have done and what their reasons are for being there.

Prison nurses fulfill the following duties:

  • Provide primary and emergency care
    Nurses are the first point of contact for prisoners who have healthcare needs. When these individuals suffer from injuries or existing conditions, nurses are tasked to give them the primary or emergency care they need.

  • Promote the health of prisoners
    Most incarcerated individuals do not have a good grasp of good health care. They have exposed themselves to various health risks. At the same time, most prisons have conditions that may not be conducive for those with health needs. Nurses help promote the health of prisoners through patient education. These nurses help those incarcerated persons understand and follow proper health habits to address their health needs.

  • Provide care within system constraints
    Nurses have to provide care within a strict system. While nurses do their jobs in providing patient care, security officers also do their jobs in ensuring that everyone is safe.


Probably the most challenging aspect of being a prison nurse is security. It can be nerve-wracking for any individual to work with people perceived to be dangerous. This is where the right support system becomes a necessity.

The Need for Good Quality Healthcare Management

With good Healthcare Quality Management in Atlanta, Georgia, healthcare agencies can set up support systems for nurses while also ensuring a quality patient care for incarcerated individuals. In this situation, you will need a good partner.

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