Tips to Improve Your Medical Front Office Operations

The front office personnel of a medical facility holds a very crucial role in promoting patient satisfaction. They are the first line of representation that the office provides. Hence, they should be able to attend to the clients’ needs with efficiency. As consultants for healthcare organizations in Georgia, we know that front office efficiency is … Continue reading

Why More People Should Talk About Mental Health

The great thing about this day and age is that more people are talking about mental health and encouraging those who have it to get the help they need. No doubt these are steps in the right direction. But can we say now that we have normalized mental health to the point that we can … Continue reading

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Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services

Different healthcare organizations in Georgia are working together to ensure that the quality of health care, in general, is at the highest level. Patients deserve the best health care possible for their unique conditions. Such care does not only pertain to physical health. Mental health is also an issue. Mental health is an area of … Continue reading

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Enhancing the Quality of Health Care You Provide

The main goal of healthcare organizations in Georgia is definitely to provide quality health care to patients in their service areas, if not the whole country. These organizations render various services that can help patients achieve good health in any healthcare facility they may be in. Since the patients’ health is on the line, it … Continue reading

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Child Psychology: The Challenges of Psychologists

The story of a mom taking her 3-year old to a child psychologist is about her fears of the mental illness stigma, other people’s view of her being a mom, and her child’s well-being. These are real concerns that can keep every parent from seeing a licensed therapist even when they’re being advised by their … Continue reading

Healthcare Challenges Behind Bars

Getting adequate health care is a basic human right even for our friends and loved ones who are behind bars. As partners of healthcare industries in providing Healthcare Quality Management in Atlanta, Georgia, we believe that addressing the need of healthcare issues for those who are incarcerated is beneficial to our being human, especially that … Continue reading

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