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Why More People Should Talk About Mental Health

The great thing about this day and age is that more people are talking about mental health and encouraging those who have it to get the help they need. No doubt these are steps in the right direction. But can we say now that we have normalized mental health to the point that we can … Continue reading

Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services

Different healthcare organizations in Georgia are working together to ensure that the quality of health care, in general, is at the highest level. Patients deserve the best health care possible for their unique conditions. Such care does not only pertain to physical health. Mental health is also an issue. Mental health is an area of … Continue reading

Addressing Mental Health Issues in the Family

Mental health challenges typically involve years of heart-wrenching ordeals for any afflicted family. And unless any of the members are adept at spotting or identifying signs of these disorders, we often don’t see them until their more disruptive stages. We occasionally have a feeling here and there, but then proceeded to chalk up reactions to … Continue reading

Take Care Of Your Mental Health, Too

The things we come across each day and situations we deal with at home and at work affect our minds. Even if we don’t pay much attention to it, what we expose ourselves to can shape our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. These everyday things build us up or break us down. Mental health revolves around … Continue reading

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